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"Our carers uphold our reputation and are valued in the community. They are themselves part of our own community of special people wanting to deliver the highest standard of care – upholding the principles of kindness and compassion – to give our clients dignity and respect and their families the greatest gift of all – peace of mind."

We all know that a good nights sleep is essential to everyday health and for the more vulnerable, an unsettled night can lead to greater care requirements throughout the day.

Research has proven that a person’s night-time experiences, have a dramatic effect on their daily care requirements. A poor nights sleep impacts on a person’s ability to undertake daily tasks, can leave them more unsteady on their feet and can result in increased levels of confusion.

In addition, ongoing poor sleep patterns can lead to isolation throughout the day when catching up on sleep. This could result in a person being unable to interact when family and friends visit or may struggle to engage at a level that they normally would and become more anxious about night-time hours.

With this in mind, care and support throughout the night in the form of a night care service, can be as important as providing care throughout the day.

A night care service that adapts to you

We understand that your night care requirements may change as your condition improves or deteriorates. As a result, we offer a flexible night care service that can be regularly reviewed and adapted at any time to suit your needs.

Our Night Care service is quite common following a stay in hospital, a change in surroundings or personal circumstances. Initially, you may not know exactly what level of night care support you require during the night. In these cases, we will look to review your night care needs over the first few days of your return home and work closely with you and your family to ensure the safest and most appropriate level of care is provided.

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