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Our Statement
of Purpose

Willow Support Limited Ltd provides care and support for people who cannot fully look after themselves.  We have sound principles for the way we run our service. Central to these is our belief that the rights of service users are paramount.

We will provide and deliver excellent Domiciliary Care and related support services, providing a dignified quality of life without bias or discrimination, within the communities and individuals it serves.

We will provide a flexible approach to caring, giving as much or as little help, for those wishing to maintain their independence in their own home.

Our purpose is to help and consistently provide support and care to improve our service user’s quality of life. From times such as the initial onset of their condition, a possible improvement to their medical / social condition or through to the deterioration in their condition that may finally prevent our care interventions.



We aim to deliver a standard of excellence within the Domiciliary Care Sector.  We will do this by providing care related support services to thus raise the standards and quality life for those living in the community.  Those who rely on support will be treat as individuals and thus receive an individual care package, with direct consultation with the family, main carer, care managers and other support services involved.



Within our service provision we can provide a comprehensive range of services varying from palliative care through assistance with personal care and to general domestic duties. Though a large percentage of our clients are over the age of 65, some are younger people and children.  However, they are all treat as individuals with different difficulties, which affect their capability to manage their life independently.


Our consistent and excellence in care will be managed through our company policies and our ever-gaining knowledge and experience, through our employee training and development programme.


Duty of Candour – Summary

            Willow Support Limited promotes a culture of being open, honest, and transparent. Service    Users are provided with care that is safe, effective, and based on best practice. When any incident occur that may have the potential to cause harm, Willow Support will act in a timely manner, investigating, reflecting, learning and where appropriate to do so, sharing information to reduce the risk of reoccurrence.

Willow Support Limited understands there are two types of Duty of Candor, Statutory and professional duty. 

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